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The atmosphere at The Heights Care Home was exciting as residents and members of the Bucks Masonic Bowling Association gathered for a friendly game of carpet bowls.

The game was a mix of friendly competition and heartfelt camaraderie. The members of the association who are used to playing on lawn bowling greens, quickly adapted to the shorter, specially designed carpet mat. Laughter filled the room as they navigated the new playing field.

As the final bowls were rolled and the scores tallied, it was clear that the real victory lay in the connections made and the joy shared. Watching the game was just as enjoyable for our residents. They cheered and laughter echoed through the halls.

The event was not just about the game; it was a testament to the power of community and the spirit of giving. The Masonic Bowls Association had previously shown their support by generously donating to The Fremantle Trust, and now they were back to engage in some friendly competition.

Residents at The Heights care home participating in a bowling competition         Residents at The Heights care home participating in a bowling competition

“Events like these are really important to us as they promote our charitable purpose” - Jim, honorary secretary of the Bucks Masonic Bowling Association

Bowling isn’t just a game; it’s a wonderful way to connect, stay active, and have fun. And for our residents, the benefits of social activities like bowling extend far beyond the scorecard. It’s about staying mentally and physically active, building friendships, and sharing joyful moments.

In our homes, each individual feels valued, supported, and empowered. From engaging activities and creative workshops to lively social gatherings, we ensure our residents have every opportunity to thrive.

“I had a really fun afternoon” -  Dennis, The Heights resident

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