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How many people are allowed to visit the home?

We advise you to communicate in advance with the home and visit our visitor policy and guidance.


Are family members able to take Mum / Dad out?

Yes. A family member would need to fill out a risk assessment prior to taking out a loved one.


Who does The Fremantle Trust arrange transport with?

The Trust arranges transport with Intercounty Ambulance.


Are wheelchairs available to borrow?

It is recommended that mum/dad has their own wheelchair but the rules can vary depending on the home or service.


Is my relative able to go outside?

Yes, independently or with assistance.


Is my relative able to bring their own furniture?

Yes, within reason by arrangement with Home. 


Who is the General Practitioner and do they visit the Home?

Yes, a GP visits at least once a week & GP surgery details can be provided by Deputy Manager / Clinical Lead. 


What are the staffing ratios?

This depends on the level of care of our residents.


What happens when our money runs out?

The onus is on the resident or Next of Kin to inform the Local Authority and we provide contact details of independent IFA for a no obligation free private consultation.


Will my relative have to move if their care needs change?

No, as long as we’re able to continue meeting their care needs at the respective home.


What isn’t included in the fees?

Private purchases and hairdressing (hairdressing is included at Mulberry Court).