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World Music Day - Fremantle Court

Residents across The Fremantle Trust were keen to participate in a variety of musical sessions over the past month in the lead up to World Music Therapy Day, diving into a blend of interactive music-making sessions designed to promote creativity and general wellbeing through the power of music.

The sessions were centred around the song ‘Morningtown Ride’ by the Australian band ‘The Seekers’ and residents were encouraged to take inspiration from this for their own versions.

The project enabled many residents to collaborate in contributing a mix of sounds individually or in group activity sessions, using percussion instruments as well as their singing voice.

The role of music in creating a strong sense of community within the care home is extremely positive to see, and this is reflected in how enthusiastic residents were in taking part in our planned activities.

Lewin House and Sir Aubrey Ward Choirs used their melodious tones to be the singing voices whilst in other homes the residents were the musicians, showcasing their instrumental prowess.

Joyce, a resident at Icknield Court, took part in the creative collaboration sessions and exclaimed that “That video is lovely! I really enjoyed the music session we did”.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing manager Sue Faulkner, reflecting on the impact of music for residents, spoke of how “Music plays a very important part in older people’s lives improving general wellbeing by tackling stress, isolation and memory impairment. Being able to work together to encourage social engagement has a positive impact – and it’s great fun”.