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Your loved one’s health is our utmost priority. In fact, we’re dedicated to serving up delicious, nutritious meals that cater to their specific dietary requirements - because we believe that a healthy diet equals a happier life for everyone under our care.

In light of this,  Development Chef Manager, Jude Watts, recently held a superb session at The Heights in Downley on the importance of nutrition and hydration for our residents. As expected, the presentation was a success with our residents, who were very interested in hearing more about maintaining optimal health through their dietary choices and hydration practices.

During the session, Jude took a closer look into the significance of incorporating water-rich fruits and vegetables into daily diets, highlighting the importance of regular hydration through water and juice consumption, particularly during the summer months. 

He also highlighted common symptoms of dehydration, including headaches and dry skin, encouraging residents to be more vigilant about their hydration status.

After a hugely informative and beneficial talk, our residents then had the opportunity to sample a selection of nutritious smoothie shots and snacks meticulously prepared by Jude himself. From invigorating Green Goddess and Berry Blast smoothie shots, packed with essential vitamins such as Vitamin E for skin health and Vitamin C for immune support, to delectable snacks like creamy cucumber doorsteps and prawn cocktail lettuce leaves, the culinary delights went down a treat.

The feedback from residents was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing appreciation for the valuable insights shared by Jude. Angela exclaimed, “I love the Berry Blast,” while Alan remarked, “I could keep drinking this; it’s lovely,” speaking of the Green Goddess smoothie. 

Linda also loved the prawn cocktail, suggesting that the residents were served it more often, and Elizabeth reflected, “It’s been very interesting; I will be counting my water intake more often.”

At the end of the event, the residents played an exciting game of bingo, tailored to reinforce key concepts related to nutrition and hydration. Notably, winners, Eileen and Elizabeth selected chocolate and body spray as their prizes, rounding off an enriching and enjoyable afternoon.

Jude Watts emphasised the importance of prioritising residents’ overall wellbeing through nutritious food, stating, “Enjoying adequate levels of nutrition and hydration is vitally important to our residents and anyone living in a care home. Our menus are regularly reviewed, with support and input from our residents. Our passionate and dedicated kitchen teams work tirelessly to ensure that the nutritional needs of our residents are met and that their requests and requirements are reflected in our menus.”

And finally, Sue Faulkner, our Lifestyle and Wellbeing Manager, reiterated the significance of promoting independence and self-care through engaging and informative activities, stating, “promoting independence is very important, so to encourage the residents to be aware of how to look after themselves, we do this by providing informative and fun activity sessions.”

But why stop there? At The Fremantle Trust, community is everything. In fact, social engagement is vital for resident wellbeing, especially in care settings. That’s why we host an array of events, from music sessions to arts and crafts. Recently, we’ve had a blast with music sessions, knitting circles, and creative workshops, bringing joy and togetherness to our community. Whether it’s learning new skills or simply enjoying each other’s company, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. 

Whether you’re seeking assisted living, residential care, dementia care, or respite care, we provide compassionate and high-quality services to meet your needs. Our comprehensive services include personalised care plans, round-the-clock support from trained professionals, nutritious meals tailored to individual dietary needs, engaging activities and events, comfortable accommodation, and access to healthcare services. 

Contact us today to join our community and experience the warmth and care that The Fremantle Trust has to offer.