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At Fremantle Court, we’re passionate about creating a home where residents not only receive exceptional care but also enjoy a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle. And with events like our recent music session with volunteers from the Stoke Mandeville Village Society Choir, our commitment to providing meaningful experiences is exemplified. 

But what exactly did we get up to? On the 22nd of March, the enthusiastic volunteers, led by Barbara Matthews, supported our residents in making music for themselves, encouraging residents to join in by singing along to familiar tunes and trying out some percussion instruments. The day was full of laughter and joy as our residents, musically gifted or not, spent the day getting creative and socialising over the sound of music.

Hamish, the Lifestyle and Wellbeing Lead, even brought along his saxophone and clarinet following his request from resident Gwen B who provided the piano accompaniment. To her and all the other residents, “It was thoroughly enjoyable, I loved the music”. 

This day highlighted just how important it is to have music in our lives, uplifting the spirits of our staff and residents and strengthening new and old connections. It also served as a reminder of the value of community and shared experiences, leaving a positive impression on everyone who took part. Barbara Matthews, a volunteer from Stoke Mandeville Village Society Choir, said she “had such a lovely time supporting the music session” and will be looking forward to coming back again soon.

But it’s not just musical events we like to host. In fact, our residents regularly take part in a huge range of activities designed to promote social interaction, physical activity, and creative expression. From friendly games of bowls to cosy knitting sessions during ‘Knit and Natter’, there’s always something happening at Fremantle Court. 

Events and socials like these come from our strong belief in nurturing a sense of community where residents feel valued and connected. Whether it’s sharing stories over a cup of tea or participating in group activities, every moment at Fremantle Court is an opportunity for residents to thrive and make lasting memories.

Join us and experience the vibrant atmosphere of our community. All you have to do is contact us today to arrange a visit and see first-hand how you or your loved one can flourish in our caring environment.