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At Lewin House in Aylesbury, we’re all about preserving traditions and bringing people together. That’s why we recently had a fantastic time on March 25th in our communal area celebrating Purim, which holds special meaning for our resident, Philip, who is Jewish. 

With the help of Tim and Jean from Aston Clinton Baptist Church, we took a closer look into the story of Esther and found great strength in the story’s themes of bravery and perseverance. Together, the staff, residents and your loved ones rang bells and playfully booed at the mention of Haman, all in good fun and in line with Jewish tradition. 

Tim and Jean’s involvement was a wonderful reminder of the common bonds that connect us all, regardless of our faith or background. Having them there also added an extra layer of warmth to our celebration, highlighting the inclusive spirit of not only Lewin House but The Fremantle Trust as a whole. 

For Philip, this gathering was a beautiful affirmation of his sense of belonging. “This was very good. They make me feel very respected here,” he shared. 

In fact, at our residential homes, we embrace diversity by celebrating those from all walks of life. From festive celebrations to cultural traditions, every resident’s heritage is honoured and respected. Our inclusive approach has long promoted a sense of belonging and unity among residents, meaning everyone understands and appreciates different beliefs and backgrounds. And by creating a welcoming environment where everyone’s culture is valued, we enrich the lives of our residents and cultivate a strong sense of community.

After spending the day with our lovely residents, Jean expressed her admiration for the cultural diversity at Lewin House, saying, “I love the way Lewin House celebrates all the different cultures of those living here.” 

At Lewin House, every celebration is a chance to come together, share customs, and build a strong sense of togetherness. We’d love for you or your loved one to join us in embracing diversity and community at Lewin House. 

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