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At Sir Aubrey Ward House, we recently had the pleasure of celebrating a remarkable milestone in Dawn’s life—her centennial birthday. The whole occasion, from start to finish, was filled with pure joy and laughter as everyone came together to reminisce on cherished memories of her life.

Dawn’s journey is a testament to resilience and curiosity. From her earliest days surrounded by antiques to her adventures across continents, her story is one of courage and a vibrant zest for life. At 100 years old, her spirit remains as lively as ever, and it’s truly an honour to know her. 

The celebration of Dawn’s centennial was made even more meaningful as her loved ones from far and wide showed up on the day. Her nephew and his wife came all the way from Australia to be by her side, while her second cousin travelled from France to celebrate her remarkable life. 

“I had the loveliest time with my friends and nephew,” Dawn shared with us after the event. And “It really was such a lovely afternoon,” added Dawn’s nephew. 

As Dawn shared anecdotes from her life’s adventures, the room was filled with laughter, nostalgia, and a profound sense of gratitude for the great moments shared together - something we care deeply about at The Fremantle Trust. 

At Sir Aubrey Ward House, we not only celebrate milestones like Dawn’s centennial birthday but also love to host a variety of other events that bring our community together. From lively game nights and arts and crafts sessions to relaxing movie afternoons and stimulating educational workshops, there’s always something happening here. 

The events that our talented staff host are designed to not only provide opportunities for residents to engage in meaningful activities but also to create a sense of camaraderie and belonging among everyone who calls our house their home. 

Looking to experience the warmth and vibrancy of our community first-hand? Contact us today to find out more about our exceptional care and community, where we’re passionate about living your life to the fullest. 

“Life is precious. Live life, enjoy it!” – Dawn, Sir Aubrey Ward House Resident and 100th Birthday Celebrant.