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Fremantle Court Bowls Championships

On Tuesday 27th February, residents at Fremantle Court were eagerly awaiting members from Aylesbury Town Bowls Club to join them for lunch and to attend the monthly Championship of adapted carpet bowls held at the home.

Carpet bowls hold a special place in the hearts of Fremantle Court residents, who play the game weekly.  The game itself can be adapted to suit all abilities and often sparks spirited competition amongst residents.  

Playing sports and general activities within a care home is a great way to promote an active lifestyle amongst residents, maintaining a positive, uplifting atmosphere within the home overall.

The guests, Jenn and Dave, both dined alongside the previous reigning bowling champion, Grace, before all joining a game of bowls themselves.

In a riveting finale, Fremantle Court resident Janet was crowned the winner of the monthly Championship, and was proudly presented the trophy by the guest visitors.

It is worth paying a special tribute to Jenn and Dave, who regularly attend the Aylesbury Town Bowls Club (ATBC) and are crucial to the running of the seasonal carpet bowls group, playing games indoors during the winter when lawn bowls are inaccessible due to weather conditions. 

To round off the day, Fremantle Court was pleased to hear that the ATBC plans to adapt a game tailored to our care home residents, so that they can come to the bowls group for a visit more regularly.