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On November 18th, Farnham Common House warmly welcomed the public, family, friends, staff, and residents to their vibrant Table Top sale. From clothes, shoes, bric-a-brac, delightful tea, coffee and tempting cakes, there was plenty to choose from at the event. Throughout the day, the atmosphere brimmed with excitement as residents shopped for themselves, relishing the opportunity to find treasures.

The day held a special sentiment for many, with Michael P, a resident, expressing, “It’s nice to have a look and see what there is and pick up a bargain.” Maryann H, the Activities Co-Ordinator, also shared her enthusiasm, stating, “We have had a wonderful day raising money, a brilliant amount of money raised.”

The collective efforts turned out to be a heartwarming success, as the Table Top sale raised a grand total of £150. This generous contribution will bolster the residents’ fund, ensuring continued support for their wellbeing and enjoyment. 

Farnham Common House celebrated both the sense of community and the spirit of giving, making the event a memorable success for everyone involved.