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In a thoughtful initiative, residents of Farnham Common House collectively decided to create a Remembrance Garden, not just as a tribute to Remembrance Day but as a serene space for quiet reflection. During a Residents Committee Meeting, the idea took root, and the vision materialised on November 10th, with a poignant opening ceremony.

Bob Slater, Chairman of The Burnham Royal British Legion, his wife Jackie, Dr Neil Coleman, a Royal British Legion member, and his wife Janet, an Army Veteran, were joined by Minister Nigel Douglas from the United Reform Church and members of the Farnham and Hedgerley Community Church for the inauguration. The Remembrance Garden, unveiled by Chairman Bob Slater, became a poignant focal point, marked by the laying of a poppy wreath on behalf of Farnham Common House.

The Remembrance service, led by Minister Nigel Douglas, included Dr Neil Coleman reading the powerful poem “In Flanders Fields” and a solemn two-minute silence introduced by Bob Slater. Following the service, the opening of the garden was celebrated with tea, cake, sandwiches, and heartfelt conversations.

In appreciation, residents extended flowers and thank-you cards to Chairman Bob Slater and his wife Jackie, as well as Dr Neil Coleman and his wife Janet, expressing gratitude for their participation in the ceremony. Bob Slater, reflecting on the day, remarked, “Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of the day. It is really nice for the residents to have somewhere to sit and reflect, and it’s wonderful that we have such a big community here at Farnham Common House.”

Resident Maureen R shared her sentiments, stating, “It was a lovely service, and I am pleased to have somewhere to sit and reflect in the garden. It is nice to see so many members of the community come and join us for the occasion.”