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From the 25th - 29th of September, the care homes under The Fremantle Trust recently showcased their creative talents through art and poetry in celebration of NAPA Arts Day. The beautiful artworks and heartfelt poems were not only displayed but also compiled into a captivating book titled “Reflections 2023.” 

In a bid to share the artistic and literary endeavours of the residents with the broader community, invitations were extended to local church congregations and community members. This event served as an opportunity for people from the area to appreciate the artistic expressions of the residents.

Evelyn, a resident of Lewin House, marvelled at the displayed creations, stating, “They’re all very good.”

Hamish, the Lifestyle and Wellbeing Lead, expressed the significance of this event, saying, “This has been an exciting way to create a sense of community within the care homes of The Fremantle Trust. Residents have enjoyed seeing the contributions of other care homes and have had the chance to share their thoughts and feelings with a wider audience.” The event not only celebrated the residents’ creativity but also fostered a sense of unity and connection among them.

The NAPA Arts Day celebration served as a platform for residents to showcase their artistic abilities, share their emotions, and connect with the local community, emphasising the importance of creativity and community engagement within the care homes of The Fremantle Trust.