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The residents of Icknield Court have demonstrated exceptional community goodwill, coming together to express their heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated individuals at Aylesbury Ambulance Station. Their gesture was both simple and profoundly touching – they created “hugs in a mug” by assembling packets of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, each labelled with a heartwarming message: “Thank you from Icknield Court.”

On September 8th, 2023, Mandy Horne and Sue Faulkner personally delivered these thoughtful tokens of gratitude to the Aylesbury Ambulance Station. Their response was equally heartwarming - they found the gesture to be very sweet and a thoughtful idea. They expressed their deep appreciation for the residents of Icknield Court and requested that their heartfelt thanks be conveyed back to them.

Sue F, the Leisure and Lifestyle Manager, shared the inspiration behind this heartwarming initiative, stating, “Residents decided at a resident committee meeting they would like to do something to say thank you to the emergency services on their special day.” Joyce M, a resident, echoed the sentiment, emphasising the hard work of these dedicated individuals and how it was a pleasure to send them a small token of appreciation.