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On Wednesday, 26th July, The Fremantle Trust hosted its annual Fremantle in Bloom Final presentation at Lewin House, Aylesbury. The event was a delightful gathering attended by residents and staff from various Fremantle Trust homes, including Lewin House, Fremantle Court, Icknield Court, Sir Aubrey Ward House, Cherry Garth, Farnham Common House, Belgrave Lodge and Buckingham Road.

The day commenced with a warm welcome drink, setting the tone for a joyous occasion. The main event featured the presentation of trophies and certificates, recognising the exceptional efforts of each participating home in beautifying their gardens and patios. Residents and staff from other homes were even able to join the celebration via Zoom, allowing them to witness the momentous occasion from afar.

Cathy Charles and Victoria Williams, the Family Liaison Managers for the Trust, took centre stage, presenting the well-deserved trophies to the winning homes. The various categories showcased the best floral gardens, edible gardens and sensory upcycled spaces, with each home displaying their unique creativity and dedication to their projects.

The journey towards the Fremantle in Bloom Final starts each February as residents gather to decide on the categories they wish to enter. From there, the hard work begins, with weekly gardening clubs diligently tending to their gardens and patios, potting, painting, and nurturing their green spaces. Additionally, they create project books documenting the gardens’ transformation from the start to their final forms.

Residents David from Buckingham Road, winner of a special award – Best Gardener of the Year, said, “I’m so excited – I’ve always wanted a trophy, and now I’ve got one. The vegetable plot has kept me busy every morning and night. It has given me something to look forward to.”

The sense of community during this process is heartwarming, with family, friends, and local community groups joining in to support and collaborate with the homes to create magnificent displays. The result is not only a visual spectacle that enhances the beauty of the homes, but it also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment for all involved.

Sue Faulkner Lifestyle and Wellbeing Manager, said, “We have held this annual event for nine years, with the gardens looking more magnificent year after year. So much hard work goes into them from everyone. Gardening enhances wellbeing and can help with many things, including stress, anxiety and depression. It gives a sense of worth for everyone.”

Following the presentation, the residents were treated to an hour of delightful entertainment by Wendy, a talented singer and guitarist, adding a delightful musical note to an already jubilant day.

The Fremantle in Bloom Final is an annual highlight where residents and staff alike come together to celebrate their hard work, creativity and the bonds formed during the gardening journey. It exemplifies the spirit of community and the beauty that blossoms when passion and teamwork unite.