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Joan’s 100th birthday was a remarkable milestone, and it coincided with her great-granddaughter Wren’s 1st birthday, making it a double celebration. 

Born on 1 July 1923 in Springs Holly, Joan worked as a talented seamstress in a sewing room known as Wycombe Shrubbery. She later moved to Holmer Green, where she lived in a bungalow near the local Earl Howe Public House, before coming to Cherry Garth just four years ago. 

Joan has lived an incredible life: she has experienced two Coronations and has welcomed two children, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren into her life. Another grandchild is also on the way, who will be her first male grandchild. 

To celebrate her milestone birthday, 30 family members gathered in joyous spirit for a delightful continental breakfast. The highlight of the festivities was undoubtedly the delicious 100th birthday cake, specially made for Joan, while the number 1 from the cake was dedicated to Wren’s 1st birthday party.

The love and admiration for Joan extended beyond her family circle. She received over 155 heartfelt cards from friends, staff, the local community, and residents from neighbouring older people services. She also received an official birthday card from King Charles III himself. 

To add to the celebration, Joan was showered with thoughtful gifts. A beautiful bouquet adorned her home, courtesy of Nathan’s Fruit and Veg, a local greengrocers. While Allure, a nearby hair salon, also presented her with another lovely bouquet.

Joan said, “This morning has been such a wonderful celebration, sharing my celebrations with my family, and the cards I have received are just wonderful, thank you all.”

The commemoration of Joan’s centenary was a testament to a life well-lived and the legacy she has created. As she marked her 100th birthday alongside the beginning of Wren’s journey, it signified how the circle of life continues to bring joy and love to the family.

It was a day filled with happiness and gratitude, reminding everyone present of the importance of cherishing every moment and celebrating life’s precious milestones.