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On 16 June, residents, staff, family and friends of Farnham Common House were warmly invited to a delightful French-themed coffee morning to mark Loneliness Awareness Week. The event created an inclusive and engaging environment where the community could come together to foster meaningful connections.

The coffee morning was adorned with charming French décor and its soundtrack was the blissful sound of Parisian music, transporting participants to the ambience of a Parisian café. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delectable pastries filled the air, enticing attendees to gather and strike up new conversation. 

While the day was filled with laughter and joy, the sole aim was to raise awareness about the prevalent issue of loneliness – particularly among the elderly. By highlighting the importance of social connections, the organisers hoped to inspire a sense of empathy and encourage attendees to actively reach out to those who may be experiencing feelings of isolation.

Attendees were encouraged to interact, share stories and discover common interests, facilitated by icebreaker activities and conversation prompts to ensure everyone felt welcome and included.

The gathering was hugely successful, creating a real atmosphere of camaraderie and shared experiences. For resident Ann M, the coffee morning was praiseworthy. She said, “Thank you for putting on such a lovely morning. It was nice to get together, the tea was lovely, and everything looked wonderful.”

Likewise, the joy of the day was also shared by our staff members. Kayleigh Jones, our Lifestyle and Wellbeing Lead said, “It was wonderful to see everyone together, chatting and sharing stories.”

Overall, the day gave attendees an unmissable opportunity to form new connections, deepen existing relationships and gain a greater understanding of the impact of loneliness on one’s wellbeing.