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On 26 May, residents, families, and staff from Cherry Garth in Holmer Green eagerly embarked on a pleasant walk to the Holmer Green Jubilee Sensory Garden – marking the celebration of National Walking Month. The event aimed to promote physical activity, connection with nature and community engagement.

The sensory garden is a tranquil oasis, fostering a sense of serenity and closeness to nature. The verdant site was built on an unused skate park by local community residents and included sensory and wildlife areas, along with many beautiful plants, flowers and fruit bushes. 

The garden is also a highly accessible area for those with physical and mental disabilities, making it the ideal spot for those at Cherry Garth to spend the day. 

After an enjoyable walk in the sunshine, everyone headed to Cherry Garth to enjoy a well-deserved fish and chip lunch, provided by the local South Hill Fish and Chip Shop in celebration of National Fish and Chip Day.

The walk to the Holmer Green Jubilee Sensory Garden proved to be a delightful and meaningful experience for all involved. It not only celebrated National Walking Month, but it emphasised the significance of connecting with the community and embracing the natural world around us. 

By promoting both physical activity and a sense of belonging, the event contributed to the overall wellbeing and happiness of the Cherry Garth residents, families and staff.