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On April 27th, residents at Mulberry Court had a wildly unique meet and greet experience - after being visited by alpacas! 

Alpacas are known for their calming nature and have proven qualities that enhance the wellbeing of older people. This includes reducing stress and anxiety and encouraging social interaction. 

So, event organiser Debbie Bailey, invited 2 furry friends into the care home for residents to get up close and personal with. Everyone found it really entertaining and there was lots of chatting and laughing between residents.

This was a completely new experience for most of the residents (and staff) although for resident Eileen B, having a visit from the alpacas triggered a sense of nostalgia. She said, “The alpacas remind me of when I was younger and lived in London, we would often visit London zoo as a family and they had Alpacas there to see”.

Kayleigh Jones, Lifestyle and Wellbeing lead, went on to say ‘The Alpaca visit has been a very different and wonderful experience for the residents. They were able to get up close and personal, petting and feeding them. The visit promoted social engagement and brought lots of smiles.’