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On Friday 2nd December, Home Manager Antonios Loumousiotis welcomed VIP visitor Joy Morrissey, Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield and Joy’s Personal Assistant Aleksandra Turner to Sir Aubrey Ward House Residential and Dementia Care Home.

Joy eagerly accepted the invitation to switch on The Home’s Christmas lights during her visit which began with an informal introduction to the Sir Aubrey Ward House Choir, staff and some relatives, followed by a talk about the great work Joy does for her Constituents.

Joy was invited to take her seat in the audience and participate in the ‘warm up’, which preceded the first song “Bridge Over Troubled Water “,  a song the choir had been rehearsing since September, under the direction of Victoria Williams, Receptionist and Choir Mistress.  Joy then switched the lights on, to mark the beginning of an exciting, fun-packed festive activities programme, and a signal for the Choir to sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas“,  accompanied by percussion and enthusiastic singing by all in the audience. A pitch perfect duet “Panis Angelicus” was sung by resident Mo Foreman and Victoria Williams, followed by an impromptu performance of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” - a particular favourite of Joy’s, and followed by a delicious variety of pastries and refreshments. Joy and Aleksandra then enjoyed a tour of the newly refurbished “Oak House” Community, hosted by Home Manager Antonios and Family Liaison Manager Debbie, where she met with staff and new resident Carmel Ballard, who proudly showed Joy some of her knitted craft work and later told Debbie: “I was thrilled Joy spent so much time speaking with me!”

 Antonios extended an open invitation for Joy to visit again any time and said: “It was a great experience for our residents to meet Mrs. Morrissey in person. The visit from our local MP offered to our residents the feeling of being valued and included, while Sir Aubrey Ward House continues to play a significant role in the local community. This was the best possible start for our festive season.  Thank you for coming to see us!” to which Joy replied: “It was a great pleasure to be able to join in the Christmas festivities with the residents and staff of Sir Aubrey Ward House. There was such a fantastic atmosphere with residents particularly keen to join in the carolling.  Happy Christmas to everyone there and their families!”