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This year residents from Lewin House, Fremantle Court and Icknield Court baked, creatively decorated and wrapped almost 200 gingerbread men for The Mayor’s Carolfest held at St Mary’s Church on Sunday 11th December.  These were a huge hit with the carollers who packed the church along with choirs, scout groups, local schools and a brass band.  Despite the very cold temperatures, the church was warm and full of festive spirit.

Fremantle Trust’s employees Sue Faulkner, Cathy Charles and Mandy Horne dressed in gingerbread outfits handed out the residents creations. Generous donations were made towards the Mayors chosen Charities, Aylesbury foodbank, the 10 tonne appeal Challenge and Emmet’s Genies appeal for funding to build a ‘Wish Village’ for terminally ill children.  

A young girl spent time pondering on what gingerbread man to choose and said “they all look so good it’s hard to pick one and your residents are very clever and kind”. 

Joy, resident from Icknield Court said “It’s a wonderful way of helping the local Community and its’ been great fun too. I do admit to tasting a couple for Quality Control purposes.

The Trust’s Services were publicly thanked by compare Des Kay and applauded by the carollers. The residents have already agreed to sign up for next year’s Carolfest with even more delicious creations.  Watch this space!”