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As part of Dementia Action Week, Sir Aubrey Ward House put together a specialised café event to highlight lesser-known activities for people with dementia.

As the event began, residents and visitors including family members and representatives of Dementia Action for Marlow enjoyed the vast selection of pastries, tea and coffee before settling in to start the chosen activity. Once full and satisfied, the team provided the group with drawings of flowers, coloured paper and glue to encourage them to be as creative as possible by creating a unique flower. 

To top it off with a bang, residents got up on their feet to enjoy old classics from entertainer and Elvis impersonator Gary Ronan.

Activity Organiser Victoria Williams commented: “It can be hard to know what kind of activities you can do with a loved one that has dementia. In this event we really wanted to give an example of something creative and musical that people with dementia really respond to. It was so brilliant seeing how much our residents and visitors enjoyed the entertainment.”

After taking part in the event, resident Janet commented: “Doing art and crafts is wonderful. I like to join in that sort of thing. I certainly enjoy that and I love the singing and dancing. I will always do that any time I can.”

Sir Aubrey Ward House is a care home in Marlow that provides specialist residential care for older people, including those living with dementia, in a friendly and welcoming environment.