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In the lead up to the Queen’s Jubilee festivities and The Fremantle Trust’s own annual Fremantle in Bloom gardening competition, Sir Aubrey Ward House invited the local community to help bring additional sparkle to the garden. 

Under the watchful eye and careful supervision of the resident head gardeners, Phyllis Gowen, Maureen Foreman and Monica Dickins, relatives and friends descended upon the care home with sanding tools and paint brushes to help brighten up the garden. With great enthusiasm, the groups helped to put together special Jubilee themed flower beds using purple, silver and white flowers, whilst other volunteers painted the garden furniture in bright colours for the residents. 

As lunch was served, the volunteers, who took a well earned break whilst basking in the sun, enjoyed a tasty platter of sandwiches and pizzas, together with healthy fruit and drinks provided by the home.  

Home Manager Antonios Loumousiotis commented: “Last year we only had the staff and residents put together the garden, so it feels so nice this year to welcome relatives and friends to help us with making this year’s garden extra special.”

On observation of the great work, keen gardener Phyllis Gowen commented: “Everyone has done very well and did a very good job in the garden. I thought I was going to do some digging as well but I didn’t have to!”

The grand unveiling of the Sir Aubrey Ward House Jubilee themed garden will be revealed during the Fremantle in Bloom Competition this August.