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Residents and staff of Mulberry Court were in shock as a UFO was spotted hovering and then almost landing in the grounds of the residential care home.

After hearing rumbling noises and spotting a shadow out the windows, Ellen, resident of Mulberry Court, shared the news of her sighting. After disbelief from other residents and staff, the rumbling lowered in pitch as the unidentified shadow descended towards the grounds of the home. 

Ellen commented: “I didn’t think it was real at first but on seeing it with our own eyes, we couldn’t believe it! It was so otherworldly.”

Once the rumbling noise stopped, the residents went outside to take a closer look at the object. It was described as grey in colour, a disc in shape and “appeared smaller” as it lowered.

On observing the object, resident Eileen commented, “It had a lot of nooks and crannies but it was also smooth at the same time. We saw a bit of movement within a gap in the front, but oddly it didn’t frighten us. It felt friendly somehow, like it was just having a look.” 

After a couple of minutes of lowering towards the ground, it is reported that the UFO then quickly ascended and disappeared in a split second back towards the stars.

When asked on whether they believed in the existence of aliens before this encounter, the general consensus was that they “weren’t sure, but now their minds have been changed forever”.