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In celebration of Florence ‘Joan’ Beardsmore’s, milestone 100th Birthday, the care team at Fremantle Court gave her a party like no other, with the “icing on the cake” being the congratulatory letter from Her Majesty, The Queen, proudly presented to Joan by her daughter.

Living her life as a very talented dress maker as well as a keen gardener, Joan lived happily in a cottage in Winslow before moving in to Fremantle Court. She loved to travel overseas on cruise holidays and has two grandsons and great grandchildren. 

In honour of Joan’s incredible occasion, Fremantle Court pulled out all the stops with entertainment provided by Elvis impersonator Gary Ronan, delicious food together with a beautiful Centennial cake. Joan also enjoyed a private celebration with members of her family. 
Joan’s daughter Anne commented: “I can’t thank everyone enough for making it so special for my mother. Fremantle Court feels that it’s not just a care home, but a home away from home.” 

When asked about her secret to living to such an incredible age, Joan commented: “Living an independent life.”