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To help share the importance of nutrition for World Health Day, Development Chef Jude Watts of The Fremantle Trust presented residents of Icknield Court, with an informative talk, an assortment of healthy finger food and delectable smoothies.

Using a grand selection of highly nutritious foods, Jude Watts gave the residents an excellent overview of the benefits of essential vitamins and minerals throughout his talk and why certain foods are made available within the environment of a care home. He continued by giving fascinating information about what can be used to fortify foods and drinks in order to help boost intake of calories and protein. 

Jude commented: “People often misconstrue why we have certain foods available within care homes and I felt it was important to share this information with our residents. Pineapple for instance contains an enzyme called Bromelain, which helps with good oral health hygiene as well as having a high water content, helping with hydration. It’s harder for older people to stay hydrated, so having foods like pineapple readily available is hugely beneficial within care homes.”

After the talk, residents and visitors at Icknield Court partook in a tasting session of the food, including cucumber bites with pâté and cream cheese, fruity flapjacks, fruit smoothies and overnight oats fortified with cream. 

When asked on whether she enjoyed the food, resident Edith commented: “Yes I did but I always prefer a plate of Fish and Chips!”