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Lewin House hosted a Reggae Themed Party to celebrate Resident Aston Bailey as part of the Trust’s Wishes and Dreams Initiative.

As the guests descended on Lewin House to celebrate Aston’s party and his love of reggae, they were met with a mouth-watering medley of traditional Jamaican food that included curried goat and jerk chicken together with rice and peas, all meticulously cooked by Jamaican-born Domestic, Lil Latty. The Care Team also provided a selection of tempting Caribbean refreshments including rum punch, coconut milk and ginger beer.

Throughout the event, everyone danced and enjoyed the array of food whilst Aston’s son, Robert, a DJ, played classic Bob Marley tracks as well as a collection of Aston’s favourite reggae music. 

Activities Co-ordinator, Tina Fox-Pearson commented: “Aston would always light up everyone’s spirits with his singing and never asking for anything in return. I wanted him to have a celebration of his culture that’s so important to him.”

The Wishes and Dreams initiative was set up by Community and Lifestyle Manager, Sue Faulkner in 2017 to celebrate The Fremantle Trust’s 25th Birthday. This initiative proved was so popular that it stayed in place and the Trust still receives applications from family, friends and colleagues for a Resident or a group of Residents to do something special or out of “their” ordinary. Applications that have been fulfilled in the past have included, driving around a race track at Silverstone, staying the night in a top London hotel and a very special day trip to Dorset. 

Aston commented on the day of his party: “It was very special, never worry coz every little thing will be alright.”