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The support that has been shown by local community groups, schools, colleges, food companies and various individuals has been truly heart-warming and much appreciated by our homes.

Fremantle Court in Stoke Mandeville usually have 7 volunteers from Aylesbury Vale Academy volunteering in the home as part of their Social Care course. As the students have been unable to come into the home, they decided to get to their workshop and make some face shields instead!

Fremantle Court have also been the grateful recipients of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), donated by Dan Chacko. Dan works for Bucks Healthcare and has been sourcing PPE from a private sponsor, Focus Finsure Ltd. After delivering the bulk of the PPE order to the hospital, Dan goes around to local care homes and donates excess supplies to them. It is kind acts like these that truly show our teams how much they are appreciated.

Lent Rise House in Burnham has also been in many people’s thoughts. Students at Lent Rise School used to come into the home as part of activities for residents. As they have been unable to do this, students decided to create an array of brightly coloured laundry bags, mask adjusters and goggles for the home. The laundry bags are particularly useful as they enable team members to change their clothes before going home – a massive help towards maintaining good infection control.

A local Doctor who supports Lent Rise House for out of hours calls also made visors for the home and donated disposable scrubs as well – a great display of the support between care homes and the NHS.

Some donations have even been of an edible nature. Two of our homes were the eager recipients of some delicious chocolate fudge cakes from the West Cornwall Pasty Company. The delivery came just in time for VE Day celebrations, so residents and colleagues enjoyed adding these tasty treats to their celebrations!

These are just a handful of donations that we have received in our homes. It’s been heartening to know that local groups and individuals are coming together to support us during this unprecedented time. A massive THANK YOU to all that have kept us in their thoughts and continue to support us.