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Homes across The Fremantle Trust have really appreciated some fantastic support from their local communities during this difficult time. This has included local schools and children, who have been sending creative pictures and messages to our residents.

Sir Aubrey Ward House in Marlow thoroughly enjoyed receiving their delivery of letters from Spinfield School. Normally, the school would bring children in to read to the residents. As they haven’t been able to do this, students decided to send in drawings and pictures instead. When the letters arrived, residents enjoyed an afternoon of reading them aloud to each other. They were so moved by the gesture that they decided to write a response:

Dear children,

Thank you for your beautiful cards and letters. They have all certainly made us smile. It’s very kind of you to be thinking about us and writing your wonderful messages to us. We miss you all coming to visit us and reading to us but hope we get to see you soon.

With all our love,

Sir Aubrey Ward

The home thought the drawings were too good to keep inside, so they are now up in the window for all to see and admire!

Lewin House in Aylesbury is another of our homes to have enjoyed letters and drawings. Lily, a local girl of 8 years old, was passing by when she decided to do “something nice for the people that lived there”. Lily drew some pictures and wrote a letter that was hand-delivered to the home. Brenda has struggled with not seeing her 5 daughters lately, but really loved Lily’s pictures and letter. As you can see, the smile on Brenda’s face speaks volumes!

Intergenerational contact has amazing benefits to care home residents. Our teams are working hard with local communities to nurture these relationships and we are incredibly grateful for the continued support we receive.