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I want to keep everyone updated with how we are dealing with the ongoing coronavirus Covid-19 situation.

We are following Public Health England Guidance wherever possible, working closely with the NHS and local authorities. We are open for new admissions but we are not accepting anyone into our homes or services who has tested positive for Covid-19, or is presenting with symptoms.

Care workers in the homes are using personal protective equipment (PPE) if required. We currently have good levels of PPE and more arriving soon.

A small number of our employees are self isolating as per government instructions, but we are coping with these absences and in many cases people are well and now returning to work. We are actively recruiting more employees across our homes and services to help provide additional capacity.

We are keen to recruit nurses, whether currently practicing or former nurses looking to return to the profession.

Are you a nurse? Please come and work for us, we’d love to welcome you to our team.

Do you know someone who is a nurse? Encourage them to come and work for us too!

Anyone interested can contact us on 0333 400 1020 or email for more information.

There have been reports in the press about GP’s taking blanket decisions to issue Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) notices in care homes.

I want to say very clearly that The Fremantle Trust do not support this approach. Any decisions about end of life wishes should be made on an individual basis, respecting each person’s unique circumstances and with the support of families and friends. The Registered Manager can help with individual concerns or questions.

NHS England and NHS Improvement, have written to GP’s, hospitals and health providers in support of this position. You can see a copy of their letter by clicking here.

Thank you once again for your patience in helping us to suspend visits to our homes and services. Please take advantage of the different ways we have set up to keep communication going.

I’m sure for many of us this Easter weekend will be very different from the one we were planning just a few weeks ago. However, I hope that you enjoy the weekend, and stay well.  

Sara Livadeas.