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Ron Quirk as Father Christmas

The team at Fremantle Court granted resident, Ron Quirk, his festive wish to become Father Christmas for the day.

As a former building surveyor from the North coast of Kent, Ron has four children and four grandchildren. He is a family man who has always embraced the magic of Christmas, so was thrilled the be asked to dress up as the main man!

The team at Fremantle Court put lots of hard work and skill into the creation of a fabulous sleigh led by two reindeer, which made the experience all the more authentic.

Ron had a memorable day visiting residents, greeting them with a customary ‘Ho Ho Ho!’

Commenting on the experience he said:

I love the joy Christmas brings and celebrating the importance of being around family and friends. I was thrilled to be asked to be Santa and feel like I’ve fulfilled a lifetime ambition!