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We are committed to supporting older people to engage in with the political process ahead of the General Election and our ‘Everyone has a right to vote’ campaign is in full swing.

Our starting point was to ensure that everyone living in our services, who wanted to vote, was registered on time.

As the election date draws nearer, we have been welcoming local MPs and parliamentary candidates into our care homes to give residents the opportunity to discuss what is important to them.    Topics of discussion have included social care, the environment, Brexit, the NHS, education and HS2.

So far we have welcomed the following local candidates into our services:

Cherry Garth welcomed Dan Gallagher (Liberal Democrats)

Chesham Leys welcomed Dame Cheryl Gillan (Conservative) and Alan Booth (Green)

Farnham Common House welcomed Dominic Grieve (Independent)

Lent Rise House has had visits from Dominic Grieve (Independent) and Joy Morrissey (Conservative)

Sir Aubrey Ward House welcomed Adam Cleary (Independent)

The Heights welcomed Julia Wassell (Independent)

Once residents have decided who to vote for, we will support them to complete their postal vote or to head down to the local polling station on 12th December to vote in person.

We feel it’s extremely important that everybody has the right to express an opinion and have their say in the upcoming General Election.