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Two ladies chatting whilst one is on an exercise bike

Executive Director of the National Care Forum (NCF), Vic Rayner, joined NCF Rising Star and manager of Cherry Garth care home, Kelly Hartley and Chief Business Officer at Motitech UK Ltd, Stian Lavik, to host the launch of The Road Worlds for Seniors Championship on Monday 2nd September.

The Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 Championship is a global activity programme for cycling within care homes and care centres that will take place throughout September alongside the 2019 UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire. It is supported by British Cycling, Sport England, Care England and NCF.

The Road Worlds for Seniors event sets the focus on physical activity for older people using its concept, Motiview, in which older people cycle through a choice of 1,700 locations on stationary bikes via a video projection that plays whilst the person pedals. The combination of exercise and visual stimulation increases activity levels in older people and gives them the opportunity to revisit familiar places from their childhoods and other important points in their lives.

This element of Motiview is especially important for those who live with dementia, as it provokes fond memories of familiar locations, such as their home town, or favourite holiday location, sparking conversations that bring the memories back to life. Everyone who participates will be rewarded for their efforts, with additional awards going to those who have cycled the furthest, and the care teams that have provided the best support.

Kelly Hartley said:

It was a privilege to be involved in the launch event, in my capacity as an NCF Rising Star. We are huge advocates of supporting residents to be both physically and mentally active, and we’re proud to be participating in the Road Worlds for Seniors 2019.

Vic Rayner added:

The National Care Forum are delighted to be supporting this initiative. The Road Worlds for Seniors 2019 cycling event is a fantastic example of the commitment towards active and engaging lives care homes embrace.

To learn more about Motitech’s Road Worlds for Seniors championship, click here: