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Siblings sharing a cake on National Siblings Day

Residents at Sir Aubrey Ward House care home in Marlow invited their brothers and sisters to enjoy a tea party in honour of National Siblings Day on Wednesday.

The event sparked nostalgia as everyone was invited to select photos and share them on the day, which brought back fond memories and inspired numerous stories to be recounted.  In the spirit of the awareness day, attendees were asked to explore the importance of sibling relationships, focusing on how brothers and sisters relate to each other and they reflected on the secret to a special bond.

86-year-old resident, Doreen Austin, celebrated the day with her younger sister, Pauline Barratt, who usually visits several times a week. During the tea party, they shared colourful stories of their love of going to dinner parties when they were younger and how they felt that being brought up as a close family has meant they really cherish their relationship.

Commenting on the event, service manager Carlene Marshall-Knight, said:

There is a strong sense of community here at Sir Aubrey Ward House and the involvement of families is really important to ensure residents feel truly at home. This was a lovely opportunity to mark National Siblings Day and invite residents to share some special time with their brothers and sisters.