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How to stay connected with your loved ones who are in care homes?

Just because your loved one has moved out of their own home, it doesn’t mean that their usual interactions with family and friends have to come to an end. In fact, many care homes, like The Fremantle Trust, encourage residents to see their loved ones at any time and without restriction. And this doesn’t just have to include face-to-face meet-ups! Below, we take a look at the ways you can stay connected with your loved one.

How to keep connected to your loved ones 

In today’s digital world, there are many ways you can stay connected to your loved ones who are currently residing in a care home. Through consistent efforts, whether in-person visits, virtual communication or thoughtful gestures, you can make a meaningful impact on your loved one’s social and emotional wellbeing. Take a look below are our top suggestions.

Virtual communications

Not everyone will be able to live around the corner from their loved one’s care home. You may also not be available every day to visit. In instances like these virtual communication offers various options to bridge the physical gap. You should schedule regular video calls using platforms like Zoom or Skype to maintain face-to-face interactions. You can even encourage participation in online activities, such as virtual games or events organised by the care home.

Another way to utilise virtual communications is to sign up for social media platforms. This way you can both share digital messages, photos and videos to maintain constant interaction. Finally, consider coordinating virtual family gatherings or celebrations, ensuring that the sense of connection remains strong despite the physical separation.

Regular phone calls 

Regular phone calls provide a simple yet effective way to stay connected with loved ones in a care home. Consider scheduling consistent phone conversations to share updates, express affection and offer emotional support. Encourage open communication, actively listening to their thoughts and feelings. 

You should also set specific times for calls to establish a routine so that your loved one can anticipate your call and have something to look forward to. Perhaps even try out Facetime to further reinforce the sense of connection with one another. 

Regular phone calls not only offer a lifeline of connection but also contribute significantly to your loved ones’ emotional wellbeing and sense of belonging.

Celebrate special occasions

Of course, you should make it a priority to coordinate festive events or themed celebrations, whether virtually or in-person, to mark birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. If distance is a factor, organise surprise virtual parties with family and friends joining through video calls. You can also send thoughtful gifts, cards, or personalised messages to make the day memorable.

If you are able to go and visit your loved one in person, decorate their living space, arrange for special meals, or involve other residents and staff to create a joyous atmosphere. 

By actively involving them in the celebration planning or ensuring they feel the love and warmth of special occasions, you not only maintain a strong connection but also contribute a great deal to their happiness.

Sending personalised letters and cards

Another heartwarming way to maintain a strong connection with your loved one is to regularly send heartwarming letters and cards. Take the time to craft thoughtful messages, sharing personal anecdotes, memories and expressions of love. Include updates on family news, community events, or shared interests to keep them engaged and connected to your world. 

You should also encourage other family members or friends to contribute, allowing the grandchildren to write thoughtful messages and drawings. 

Consider adding photographs, drawings, or mementoes to enhance the personal touch! 

Can I send care packages to my loved one in a care home?

Yes, sending care packages is a thoughtful way to connect with your loved one in a care home. Create personalised packages filled with items that bring comfort, joy and a sense of familiarity. Include their favourite snacks, treats, or special dietary items, as well as small gifts, books or sentimental items. Make sure to personalise the package based on their hobbies, interests or any specific needs they may have. Consider adding handwritten notes, photographs, or drawings to add a more personal touch. 

However, confirm with the care home regarding any restrictions or guidelines for receiving packages and ensure the contents align with their preferences. 

Experience compassionate care at The Fremantle Trust. We prioritise the wellbeing, happiness and connection of all our residents. That’s why we strongly encourage you to visit your loved one whenever you would like to. Visit our website for more information, or contact us to discover how we can make a positive difference in your loved one’s life.