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TV Licence in a Care Home: Do You Need One?

Individuals moving into a care home have a number of considerations to make before they relocate. A question many people ask themselves is if they are responsible for paying a TV licence or is it the responsibility of the care home? It is important for individuals moving into a care home to maintain their normal routines to make the transition into their new surroundings easier. This may include watching their favourite soap with a cup of tea, catching up on the daily news or enjoying a film or two in the evening. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about TV licences in nursing homes and whether you need to get one or not.

Do you need a TV licence to watch TV in your care home room?

If you would like to watch television in the comfort of your room within the care home, then you’ll need to independently buy a full TV licence. Many people enjoy television as a way of relaxing in the evening, and want to watch television in their own personal time without distractions. Individual televisions are not commonly provided by care homes, so installing a television in your room and applying for a TV licence will be an extra expense on the resident. 

Do you need a TV licence to watch TV in communal areas?

If you’re not a fan of watching television, you may opt out of having a television in your room and only avail yourself of the television in the communal areas. In this case, you will not need to purchase a TV licence. Residential care homes will provide a communal area for residents to enjoy watching television together. It is the responsibility of the care home manager to make sure that residents and staff are covered by a TV licence while watching television in the communal areas of the care home.

Can you keep your existing TV licence when moving to a care home?

If you own a TV licence in your family home and are planning on taking the television to the care home, then you’ll need to move your existing TV licence to the care home’s address. This is a requirement of the Department of Work and Pensions. Individuals can inform the Department of their relocation by updating your personal details online or sending an email to the Department. It is important to include your existing licence number, your old address and your new address (including your room number) in the email. If you’re transferring over your licence, it is also important to declare whether there’s anyone living at your old address as they’ll be required to take out a new licence in their name.

How can you get a TV licence?

If you watch, download or record programmes on a television, then you’ll need to purchase a TV licence. You can get a TV licence by applying through the TV licensing website which will ask you for information such as your address. Once you have successfully paid for your licence, you’ll be able to catch all your favourite shows on your television. It is important that you do not risk watching TV without a licence as you will be fined.

What is an ARC TV licence and who is eligible for one?

If you’re under the age of 75 but living in a residential care home, you may be eligible to get a concessionary licence (reduction on your licence fees) with the Accommodation for Residential Care (ARC) concessionary TV Licence. The ARC licence costs £7.50 each year if you’re under 75.

When moving into a residential care home, it is important to bring items that will make you comfortable and make you feel at home. For some residents, this may mean being able to watch television without distractions in their room. In this case, it is important that you speak to the care home staff and register for a TV licence.

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